From supplier to total supplier
The roots of Wiltec lie in professional paint shops, serving a variety of sectors such as the wood -and furniture industry as well as the automotive industry. Our specialization and product range has expanded over the years to provide better service to our customers. Via different product groups we provide for more and more different sectors and industries. Nowadays, that makes Wiltec a supplier for many different companies, still with the specialized knowledge that is required for the various products. Always while keeping the focus on quality, service and targeted solutions for our customers.

Our history at a glance
Wiltec starts in 1971 as Van der Wilt; a one-man business in paint spraying equipment for the paint market. In the eighties the company responds to the market development in the industrial sector, by expanding the productrange with Graco products. In 1993 the transition to Wiltec Ltd. occurred and the company continued with 15 employees. Thanks to a very active acquisition Wiltec achieves a leading position in spray applications. In 1996 Wiltec is divided into divisions so that each division can deposit on its specialism, and the company opens a new building followed by several acquisitions.

In 2003 Wiltec moves to Energielaan, Uden. Wiltec continues to expand its range through acquisitions. In these years, the division Workwear and Protective equipment grows in a rapid pace. In 2010 Wiltec introduces its own brand: Deltec Tape. More and more customers find their way to Wiltec and therefore the company moved in 2013 to the current building at the Industrielaan, Uden. Both in 2012, 2013 and 2014 is Wiltec awarded as Best Managed Company.

Check out Wiltec's timeline here.

Tijdlijn Wiltec


  • Best Managed Company 2015


  • Takeover Imtho (supplier workwear)
  • Best Managed Company 2014
  • Participation Easy e-Sales


  • Distribution Agreement Penn-Ko Oliën & ZSG
  • Takeover Shoes & Work (supplier safety shoes and workwear)
  • Takeover Cornelco B.V. (wholesale PPE and workwear)
  • Wiltec moves to the Industrielaan, Uden.
  • Best Managed Company 2013


  • Best Managed Company 2012


  • Takeover Safety Products Europe


  • Introduction own brand: Deltec Tape
  • Takeover importership HexArmor
  • Takeover Delo office supplies, project design and office machinery
  • Takeover MondiArt


  • Integration Ter Horst Benelux bv at the office of Wiltec in Uden
  • Takeover Stitch-it bv (workwear en embroidery)
  • Takeover Mipa Bedrijfskleding


  • Takeover Midera Safety Products Nederland bv (personal protective equipment and workwear). Midera bv continues its activities independently under its own name.
  • Takeover Jacky Beroepskleding.
  • Takeover importshop Best-gloves by Wiltec, which is now at subsidiary Prestop.


  • Takeover Industry Wear Krimpen (personal protective equipment and workwear)
  • Takeover HS Safety & Systems (personal protective equipment, workwear, (cleaning)paper and hygienic products).


  • Takeover Pegom Products (tapes and films).


  • Takeover Prestop, importer of Showa-gloves.
  • Takeover Interlloyd Bedrijfskleding bv, (personal protective equipment and workwear ).
  • Takeover Hena Engineering (industrial dust filtration).


  • Launch of a new interactive website.


  • Wiltec moves at Energielaan in Uden.
  • Introduction of a new automation package and fully automated logistics.


  • Takeover industry activities of SUN Electric Nederland.
  • Takeover HC Safety Group (Hacomfort, Safetec and Veldhoen).
  • Takeover Handelscompagnie.


  • Takeover FNM Chemicals (cabine products).


  • Takeover B.C.A. Spuittechniek.
  • Takeover H.O. Braaij bv (regenerating equipment and pistol cleaners).
  • Takeover Ter Horst Benelux bv (compressed air and pneumatics).


  • Takeover Harber Filters.


  • Takeover OPCO Germany, a pumps manufacturer.


  • Takeover Notten Filtertechniek.


  • Wiltec is split into divisions. Moreover, the company takes a new building in use.


  • Wiltec executes successfully, a very active acquisition policy. Thanks in trade-ins for pumps, the company grew into a leader in the field of spray applications including the wood industry.


  • Takeover VEC (spray equipment wood industry o.a. Wagner).
  • Takeover Crimex, Walther-spray systems.
  • Takeover Vetech, C.I. (Columbus Industries).
  • Takeover Prodef, 2K-techniek.
  • Takeover Maiburg Spuittechniek
  • Takeover Dété spuitapparatuur.


  • Transition to Wiltec BV.

Wiltec ENG  history 2

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