Strict environmental requirements and increased social awareness have ensured that air filtration and liquid filtration have high priority for manufacturing professionals. Not only the filtration capacity is subjected to new standards. In particular, effects that have an impact on the overall production efficiency are an important aspect for the ideal filter solution. Filter adsorption capacity? Air resistance? Replacement frequency? Energy loss? Maintenance sensitivity? Just to mention just a few. Wiltec is rightfully called one of the leading filter specialists in the Netherlands. Through years of experience and due to the expertise of professionals who are ready every day to serve its wide range of service companies with a top range of filters and filter accessories. But also for the development and construction of complete filter systems, Wiltec is the partner for every company that takes filtration seriously.

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Daring to invest distinguishes you from others in these times of crisis!

CCI Meubellakkerij


You don’t have to ask him a lot of questions: Luc Cremers, owner of CCI, happily tells you all about his investment in a completely new spray booth. “Before, I used to spray furniture, for a different company. Now that I have my own business, I want to pick this trade up again. When we first started this company we only took on paint jobs. But the goal has always been to make spraying furniture our core business. ”


Luc invested, along with his daughter and co-owner Nicky Cremers, in a complete spray booth which met all his wishes. “It’s quite an investment, in this time.” Tells Luc, “This sets us apart from the competition. I wanted to do everything in one cabin: spraying, drying and storage, without even a drop of mist ending up in the wrong place. Wiltec exactly knew how to translate this wish into a customized solution’. Dirk Simons, consultant at Wiltec, explains: “. We have used a laminar airflow. This means that there is an even distribution of the air flow in the cabin, both in width and in length. This ensures, spray will not end up in the wrong place. ”


It’s clear Luc is proud of his cabin: “Every cm2 is utilized, it is cleverly equipped. Everyone who comes here says ‘Wow, that’s convenient! “That’s always nice to hear. Before, I had to get everything out of the cabin when it needed to dry, or if I wanted to spray an other object. This took lots of time. Now I simply place the objects on the drying carriage and push it aside so I can continue. There’s even a button to adjust the temperature quickly.

After spraying the first layer, the temperature immediately rises to 30 degrees after pressing the button. So the paint dries very quickly. Then the temperature drops again and I start with the second layer. Perfect! ”


“Every detail had to be right. That’s how you recognize a true professional. ”


Luke explains what else he finds important to a supplier, besides the quality of the products and the spray equipment. “I want to be taken seriously. It’s about honesty and trust. I found these values in Wiltec. We were so pleased with the project engineers, that we gave them a shirt as a gift! They were nice guys and it was great working with them. They worked every day from 7.00 am to 20.00 pm in order to complete the project well and quickly. And they did not mind to occasionally do something extra. You just saw that there were real craftsmen at work: Every detail had to be right! That’s how you recognize a true professional.”
Luc enjoys the convenience of his paint booth everyday. “Now I can produce quickly but deliver the highest quality at the same time. What also should not be underestimated, is the ease of ordering everything from one supplier: filters, sand paper and you name it. That saves me time and time is money! ”
CCI noticed that the company can now offer customers more than other their competition can. The moral of the story: the practice proves that distinguish is smart, especially in hard financial times!



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