Transfer pumps

Transfer pumps

In work environments where liquids and gases have to be transported from one place to another, a transport pump is required. Every professional understands that several factors need to be taken in account when making the choice for a functional transport pomp. For example: foods and chemicals have its own set of requirements. Hose pump? Mebrane pump? But above all energy use, maintanance, durability in combination with processing capacity are essential for making a good choice. The experts Wiltec know this like no other.

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Nedtrain: New spraying techniques

NedTrain, which is a subsidiary of the NS Group, is thé specialist in maintenance of railcars. From technical maintenance to rapid servicing and from cleaning to short-term and long-term maintenance overhaul: NedTrain ensures that the 1.2 million passengers of the National Railways (NS) safely arrive on time at their destination by a clean train. NedTrain works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Fresh air thanks to air conditioning and a good ventilation system, laid-back lounge seats, quiet areas where you can work comfortably, Wifi, electrical outlets, an app that indicates in which parts are crowded and which are not that crowded: life as a train passenger is getting more pleasant. Every year, the NS performs many changes to trains in order to improve them. The company that performs these adjustments is NedTrain.
A train arrives at NedTrain Refurbishment & Overhaul (R & O) in Haarlem where it will be stripped of all paint and old parts, renovated, and …. of course repainted in the correct colors.


Jan Veerkamp was, in his role as Head of Services Department, searching for new spraying techniques to make the spraying process more efficient and ecofriendly. Wiltec had the answer he was looking for: a 2K installation. Together with Joris Veldboer, project Manager at Nedtrain, project was initiated.

Joris explains: “Previously, the paints used for the outside of the trains were manually mixed and flushed. That means lots of work and lots of waste. Also, the employees come into contact with fumes of the paint. With the new 2K installation of Wiltec, employees can just grab the spray gun and immediately get started on the job. Moreover, this way you can never mix too much paint and we don’t have to flush nearly as much: a lot better for the environment! And that is what we find very important at NedTrain. Not for nothing, we have the goal of ‘no more waste in 2017’. This contributes significantly to this reach that goal.


To ensure that all spray operators fully understand the equipment, project leader Paul Verhoeven (Wiltec) provides on-site training. The first reactions of the painters were positive: “It takes some time to getting used to, but eventually it will work easier: no more lugging heavy buckets of paint! So it’s also better for the working conditions. ‘This way, NedTrain takes good care of its employees, the travelers of the NS and the environment: A triple win!


• The carriage undergoes three coatings: yellow paint, blue paint, varnish
• Spraying 1 carriage yellow takes 2 paint sprayers a full day (8 hours)
• The cabin can be heated up to 40 degrees, which ensures the paint to be dry after 2 hours
• After that, the blue and varnish coatings are applied.



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