Core values

The world around us is changing. Fast. Things that were obvious yesterday, are sometimes outdated today. You are as good as your last success. Performing at the top of your abilities is not just an ambition, it is a condition for continuity.

Supply partner Wiltec understands this better than anyone else. Everday we facilitate our customers in their ambitions to grow. We do this as a supplier, but also as a proactive advisor and goal-driven expert with years of experience. In which their interests are our interests. That is how we prove our added value. Every day!

Better with Wiltec

Quality and continuity
Wiltec believes in pleasant, long-term cooperation. Quality is therfore our top priority. We offer a complete range of exclusive brands and first-class service by our own experienced technicians, safety experts, consultants and skilled (product) specialists. You are always assured of the right advice and fast delivery. We act fast, professional and energetic. From advice to order: we keep our word. Wiltec undertakes, just like you! This is how we collectively realize optimal results.

Knowledge and specializations
Each division of Wiltec works with a team of specialists. They have the required knowledge to ensure you get the right advice. Moreover, they like to share this knowledge. There is no better way for knowledge to develop than by sharing it with others. Between professionals within an organization, but more also between organizations. Every day, Wiltec is committed to translate its expertise and knowledge to fitting solutions for its customers. For example to help produce in an even smarter and more efficient matter, or to add safety to the most diverse working conditions.

Innovative and enterprising
Wiltec actively responds to the latest developments, whether it is about technology or safety standards. Innovation should be no obligation, but an improvement. Based on practical experience, we improve the effectiveness and ease of use of our products and we offer innovative solutions tailored to your situation.

Complete and simple
We dare to speak in a clear language. From the initial consultation to the the delivery. Wiltec gives practical advice and provides helpful tools. Take for example our simple online ordering module Wiltec Online, which can be seamlessly tailored to your business, so you have always insight into consumption and cost!

Relevant and reliable
More than anything, we are committed to assist our customers in ensuring they can better serve their customers. But in addition, corporate social responsibility is also an important pillar within Wiltec. Therefore, we actively search for environmental friendly applications and the latest developments in the field of a safe and healthy working environment. As a result, many of our products are easy to maintain and to clean and are extremely durable. Civil and social responsibility are central in both in our policies and advices.


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