Paintshop & surface tec-hnology

Whether you’re looking for spraying equipment, sanding and polishing materials or a spray - or drying booth. Wiltec is your partner.

Transfer pumps

In work environments where liquids and gases have to be transported from one place to another, a transport pump is required.


Optimal air extraction, air filtration or liquid filtration is achieved by great balance between capacity, performance, durability and replacement.

Tape & glue

Wiltec has a comprehensive range of tapes regarding masking, protecting, fixing and jointing.

Safety & PPE

In order to work safely Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is often a must. Our specialists provide advice.


Wiltec knows what it takes to provide each employee with a functional and comfortable workwear package.


Office supplies, copiers, printers, but also facility products, cleaning products and complete project designs.



The world around us is changing. And fast. Things that were obvious yesterday, are sometimes outdaded today. You are as good as your last success. Performing at the top of your abilities is not just an ambition, it is a precondition for continuity.


Supply partner Wiltec understands this better than anyone else. Everday we facilitate our customers in their ambitions to become better. As a supplier, but also as a proactive advisor and goal-driven expert with years of experience. In which their interests are our interests. That is how we prove our added value.


Every day!


Always the right advice

For answers to your questions or for personal advice, please contact us via


Company Profile Wiltec

Every day we facilitate our customers in their pursuit to realise their ambitions. Your interest is our interest.




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